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» Members Of TAOI.
Members Of TAOI. Icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2009 6:48 pm by Renegade85

» Rules of the AOI Clan
Members Of TAOI. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 2:15 pm by Kcorny8

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 Members Of TAOI.

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Clan Friend
Clan Friend

Cancer Buffalo
Number of posts : 972
Age : 38
Location : Cleethorpes, England
Job : Bus Driver
Name : Kevin Cornthwaite
Registration date : 2008-08-14

Members Of TAOI. Empty
PostMembers Of TAOI.

I hope you have some marshmallows and a camp fire your in for a treat.

NAME: Kevin Michael Cornthwaite
D.O.B: 15/July/1985 (23)
LIVE: Cleethorpes, England
GRADES: School (Don't go there, the results are bad.)
NVQ: Brickwork LV1
NVQ: Media Studies LV1
NVQ: Electical Engineering LV2
NVQ: Mechanical Engineering LV1
NVQ: Carpentry And Joinery LV1
NVQ: Horticulture LV1

ABOUT ME: Well iam the leader of TAOI, iam also a bus driver, i live with jill and her mum and dad & Lelo till we get our own place.
I love jill with all my heart and soul and i can't wait till me and jill get married in sept 09. iam a huge plane enthusiast i also like to watch movies and some tv. I support Manchester United and i had a trail with them as i used to play for Bolton about 5 years ago but all that stopped when i torn my cruciate ligament.

And here's a quick pic
Members Of TAOI. Kev10$$
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Members Of TAOI. :: Comments

Re: Members Of TAOI.
Post Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:52 am by [TAOI]C_Hoang
NAME:Chris Hoang
D.O.B: 02/December/1992 (16)
LIVE: Basingstoke Hampshire
GRADES: School: aint got them yet! thats why i aint been on! been studying hard!!

Right, im Chris, the Co-Leader of TAOI, i teach swimming to children part time. going College this year Very Happy awesomeness Smile

I support Liverpool! wooo! *cof*manusuck*cof* yeh anyway... thats about it..

Last edited by [TAOI]C_Hoang on Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:25 pm; edited 8 times in total
[TAOI]Mr Flip
Re: Members Of TAOI.
Post Tue Nov 11, 2008 10:31 am by [TAOI]Mr Flip
NAME: Mazen Emad
D.O.B: 13/January/1992 (16)
LIVE: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Origin from Damascus, Syria)
GRADES: School: No grades yet , still studing No

Hello, Hi ,, I'm Mazen i'm a student in 11th grade i hate maths and physics like everyone should Twisted Evil ,, kinda like chemistry ,, i'm currently single but there's a certain chick tht i had my eyes on lately pirat ,, i'm a 1337 |-|@X0r$ Razz ,, I'm A huge footie fan and a fan on Manchester United and Fc Barcelona a big hater on Chelsea, Liverpool and Real Madrid Mad ,, i'm very fond of Technology and PC'S ,, im a gamer , probably all my life since the old days when u used to touch the console and it freezes Razz ,, well pretty much it =) anything else u can ask me ,, PSN : MrFlip911
IM :

Picture of me :

Members Of TAOI. Image067
Re: Members Of TAOI.
Post Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:55 pm by Ronaldiculous
Mr Flip wrote:
a big hater on Chelsea

marry me!!!

lol, nope ill get to the point

NAME: Jon (Jay {Fathers Preferred Name Of Mine} Clarke
DO.B: 29/11/92 {Reversable Razz}
Live: Milton Keynes, England {Originally From Glasgow., Scotland}
Grades: School, Final Compulsory Year, So N/A ATM

Im Jon, Call Me Jay, and well im everything i just wrote lol, i guess illjust write like Mazen did, im a student in Year 11 and i hate maths, science (all the lessons im no good at!) whenever i can ill grab a ball and head down to the astro turf and play some football. Huge fan of any sport, foooty and rugby league preferable, but yeah ive got an athletes body, so for me its anything. Im single, but there have been some awkward times in my past that have kinda put me off women for a bit, but im sure ive just gotta get on with it and try and stay friends with her. I love tchnology, i think its mans best friend, and yes i love my games, good old fifa and COD4 for me. Very Happy Err, not much more to say, i guess my achievements are that i have saved 5/5 penalties in a shootout before (beat that other keepers Wink ) and well, yeah lol. I also believe in god, im protestant, but i dont agree with all of it, example: my theory is, god created the big bang, and at the end of our lives, we get reincarnated in to different things, based on how we did in our previous lives.



Peace & Love


oh and i would upload a pic, but i dunno how lol

laterssssssssssssssss................... bye
Re: Members Of TAOI.
Post Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:07 pm by jk-r
NAME: Ethan D.B.(call me Ethan)
DO.B: Dec 14,1991
Live: Pequot Lakes, MN/U.S.A.
Grades: Junior in High School, Can't wait to roll into College

Hello All,
I am Ethan, I have lived in Minnesota my whole life in the same house never moved before, love the woods and everything in it not to big a fan of Citys, love to watch anime going to a convention this April. I love to hunt and fish just bought a new bow love it. Thinking about buying a 22-250 but i don't have 1000 USD laying around right now. Can't wait till the summer for hikeing and hunting trips with my buddys, been thinking about makeing another Ghillie suit for bow hunting. Going bear hunting after summer is over hopefully I will take one with my bow. Utterly love squirl hunting and any small game. Going to take down my snowmobiles soon so I can go ice fishing and run around on them for fun, thinking about building another computer with the help of a friend but its just another thing that costs money. Can't stand Call of Duty World at War really do not like it much, COD 4 FTW, can't wait to buy Bioschock and get Killzone 2. Takeing college German class at my school and it is just crazy I mean its like wow this sucks, I was told it worth it though to know another language. I am of Agnostic religion, I choose to belive there to be a god(s) but there has been no proof to me yet really so im just going with there is a higher power before I even choose a god to worship.Thats Me

See ya around some time
Members Of TAOI. Ethan_10
LOVE MY GHILLIE I CALL IT MY FAT SUIT lols, yea love hunting so I made my own camo.
Re: Members Of TAOI.
Post Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:48 pm by Renegade85
NAME: Luke
D.O.B: 12 Feb 1988
LIVE: Donegal
GRADES: Latest was a 1st Class Degree in Applied Computing

ABOUT ME: I hate Eircom

PICCY: On dial-up so not posting a pic XD
Re: Members Of TAOI.
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Members Of TAOI.

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